We often stress on the importance of running in our daily routine, but not the importance of running in the ‘right shoes’. Turns out, running in the wrong shoes can actually cause more harm than any good, which is why you must pick the right running shoes or your running or workout regime.

Running shoes are different from regular shoes as running shoes come with cushioned soles and breathable mesh upper to keep your feet comfortable and sweat-free while running. However, since not many people are aware of this difference, they end up running in any regular shoes which leads to health problems in the long run, such as blisters, aching heels, and more.

Still not sure how running shoes actually make a difference? Read down below to find out all about it.


Why You Should Have a Pair of Running Shoes In Your Shoedrobe

Some of the most important reasons you should run in proper running shoes include:


Enhanced Athletic Performance

Research suggests that running in proper running shoes helps enhance the athletic performance of the people wearing them. Naturally, the increased comfort and enhanced running capacity that is provided from running shoes helps yield extra performance.

Fortunately, this improvement can also be achieved by people who are not competitive athletes. Considering that people who are physically fit tend to live healthier and longer lives, this is definitely something that no one would want to give up on.



Ideal Workout Companion

One of the best workout companions that help you achieve your fitness goals is a pair of nice and comfy trainers. It's impossible to head out to the gym without your athleisure shoes because they play a significant role by providing all the comfort and support you need during exercise. When your gym shoes have excellent cushioning, provide maximum support, and have an outstanding outsole, the workout becomes super fun. Say goodbye to uncomfortable exercise sessions and hello to timeless and fashionable workout shoes that amp up the look.


Enhanced Performance

There’s nothing like a confidence boost that a good pair of shoes can provide, be it exercise shoes or heels to hit the party. A good pair of running shoes helps boost your energy labels, motivation, and workout intensity. Athleisure is for fashion-forward women who want to carry style wherever they go. The choice of footwear is itself a form of expression, particularly an expression of your style statement.

Knowing that your shoes feel comfortable in your feet and have been designed to protect you from injury would automatically help you perform better. Moreover, wearing running shoes that are stylish as well would naturally help draw more confidence. Therefore, while looking for running shoes, the design and color is also something that you might want to keep in mind.



Better Arch Support

When it comes to balance and support, the arch support of your shoes matters a lot. However, not all shoes are designed keeping this in mind. You can’t expect your regular shoes to provide arch support like running shoes do. Therefore, if you are someone who exercises regularly, then it is essential that you opt for proper running shoes since these are designed to provide maximum arch support to your feet.


How to Choose the Right Pair of Running Shoes

When choosing the perfect running shoes for yourself, there are a  few things to keep in mind. The right fit is the first thing to consider before buying any shoe, whether athleisure or any other. It's always great to try the shoe and see if it’s the right fit. 

Pick athleisure shoes according to the occasion. Now you see brides wearing sneakers on their big day because comfort is one of the most significant factors in buying decisions. The trends have changed and evolved with time, and people do and wear whatever they like. It's better to consider the occasion. If you have extra sensitive feet, go for cushioned sneakers. You can contrast or match sneakers with your outfit. The color of the shoe also matters. So, before picking, make sure you choose the right color.



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