There’s a lot that your wardrobe can tell about you! Whether it’s your attire, your shoes, or your accessories, what you carry and the way you carry it says a lot about your personality, and your handbag is no exception. Your handbag completes your outfit, defines your style, and most importantly – it tells your story! This is one of the reasons millions of styles and designs of ladies bags are manufactured all around the world daily. Curious to know what your Stylo handbag says about you? Let’s have a look.

ladies bags

The Handbag

The good old’ classic ladies handbag! It never goes out of style and can be easily paired with almost any outfit as long as the color matches. Moreover, how you hold or carry your handbag says a lot about your personality. Do you sling it around your shoulder or carry it in your hand?

Women who like to carry their handbag over their shoulder are straightforward and practical in nature. They’ve got hundreds of things to do and different places to be. Whereas, handbags that are held in hand or the crook of an arm are usually expensive and the women that carry it with this style have priority on status and position.

ladies handbag

The Backpack

Women backpacks are a fashion trend that has evolved a lot over the years. Backpacks are no longer limited to be seen in school hallways. In fact, backpacks are now known to be a super-cool fashion statement for ladies. Women who carry backpacks are thought of as adventurous and exciting. They are always ready to throw in their essentials and hop on to the next adventure.

The best thing about backpacks is that they come with multiple compartments for you to store your stuff in. Hence, these are great for keeping your essentials organized and clutter-free. Overall, backpacks are a great choice for women that are young and playful at heart.


The Clutch

Women that carry clutches are usually out-going and choosy about what they wear. A clutch makes you look sophisticated and put together. Also, it serves as a minimalistic accessory that helps you carry a few essentials and look organized. A woman carrying a clutch proves that she doesn’t need a big statement to look stylish.

Some clutch bags come with detachable shoulder straps that can be used to turn the clutch into a shoulder bag when needed. The best thing about women’s clutches is that they can be worn with many outfit combinations. You can pair it with your casual attire to make your look seem put together. You can also carry it with your formal attire to add extra sophistication.
clutch bag


The Tote bag

Tote bags are for multi-takers. Women who own tote bags tend to carry almost everything they need in this bag and prioritize function over the nitty-gritty of fashion. Tote bags are functional, easy to carry, and fuss-free.

These can be easily slung over your shoulder and carried around throughout the day without any worries. Moreover, the majority of the tote bags don’t cost an arm and a leg, which is why these have become the ultimate arm candy in 2021.
tote bag

The Barrel bag

Elegant, sophisticated, and spacious. Women that carry barrel bags are always ready to get down to business. Barrel bags are usually preferred by women who are always on the go.  Barrel designer bags are usually carried in one hand, and since a barrel bag is larger than your regular handbag or clutch, it offers much more space for you to stuff in your essentials.

 barrel bag

The Cross body bag

Last, but not least, if you carry a cross body bag with you then you definitely like to keep your hands free. Women that carry cross body bags can be regarded as butterflies since they like their freedom and are always fluttering from one place to another.

Cross body ladies bags offer unfettered freedom of movement, and hence are a great option for avid travelers. The majority of cross body bags come with adjustable straps and even though these are compact in size, these hold enough space to carry your wallet, keys, and phone.

The great thing about these bags is that they can either be worn in a cross body manner or you can simply hang them on one shoulder like your regular shoulder bag.
cross body bag

Conclusion: Express yourself with your favorite Stylo bag

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