With the season changing and fall setting in, it’s time to make space in your kid’s wardrobe for winter essentials. Children tend to be more active in the winter season, which increases the responsibility of parents to keep them warm and comfortable so they don’t get sick. However, layering your little one’s with warm clothes without making them look shabby is also art, which is why it is important that their winter outfits are not only warm and cozy but also stylish. Stylo has recently launched its kids winter collection that features original house-designed high comfort basics boasting a wide palette of colors and patterns. Stylo’s commitment to quality and love of aesthetic designs is what forms it’s design philosophy. Let’s have a look at what the collection features.

kids winter clothing

Winter Sweatshirts for Kids

Warmy, cozy, and comfortable to wear - sweatshirts are something that we can’t do without, and kids are no exception. Considering how effective sweatshirts can be at keeping your little one warm, it’s no wonder that they are a must-have for the winter season. Also, not to mention, how versatile these are since these can be worn with almost anything. Having a sweatshirt in your kids wardrobe - or even a collection of them - would serve as a great addition.

Stylo’s kids sweatshirts for girls and boys have been designed to add a pop of color to your little one’s wardrobe. Featuring playful designs and soft texture, we bet our sweatshirts are bound to become your kid’s closet favorite. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Pair them up with a warm pair of pants to make your kid look winter ready. 
boys sweatshirts

Zipper Down Hoodie Jackets for Kids

All kids need the super casual, snuggly, and cozy hoodie jacket that they can wear every now and then. The best thing about zipper down hoodie jackets is probably how easy they are to wear. Also, not only do these look great, but also keep your kid comfortable and warm at all times. Moreover, zipper down hoodie jackets can easily be paired with any t-shirt and can also be worn over a kids sweater if the weather is too cold.

Stylo’s zipper down hoodie jackets are designed to be lightweight to allow your kid to move freely. We have designed each hoodie with a lot of attention and dedication to make sure that the size fits your kid perfectly whilst looking trendy.


girls hoodie

Winter Shirts and Sweaters for Kids

If your kid does not feel comfortable in sweatshirts, you can always switch it up with a t-shirt paired with a soft, comfortable sweater on the top. Sweaters for kids are made from a variety of different materials and come in many different designs. The best thing about them is that they can be worn with any outfit and give a sophisticated look to anyone wearing them, regardless of their age. 

We understand that the best kids sweaters are the ones that serve their purpose and look stylish at the same time, which is why the sweaters in Stylo’s collection are both functional as well as fun to wear. Our sweaters feature warm hues with contrasting mellow shades, making them perfect for the winter season.
boys sweaters

Style up your kids wardrobe with Stylo’s winter wear

This winter, revamp your kid’s wardrobe with super-stylish and comfortable kids winter wear essentials from Stylo. Our kids collection features an exquisite range of sweaters with warm hues and trendy designs, promising your kids fuzzy and cozy winters. Our collection has been designed for kids between the ages of  2 to 7 years.