Jewelry has always had a rich history in the sub-continent and Asia in general. It has held a lot of symbolic significance over the centuries, and different kinds of jewelry have been in and out of style. However, a constant through the many centuries has been the fact that it expresses style. Jewelry has always accentuated class and complemented appearances.

Let’s have a look at the significance of ladies' jewelry for modern women and its evolution over the years.


Jewelry as Expression

Jewelry is a form of expression and often helps in making an outfit stand out even more. Whether the jewelry design is minimalistic or more on the brazen side, it does reveal something about the wearer. 

When it comes to jewelry for women, it’s always adapting to the trends and fashion choices of each era. Even though jewelry has been a part of our culture dating as far back as the Indus Valley Civilization, the trends have drastically changed.

Jewelry designs are more refined today and showcase craftsmanship better. Innovations in today’s modern era have also led to artificial jewelry. This type of accessory is more for daily wear and is made using inexpensive metal and gemstones. Jewelry stores today boast all kinds of new designs and innovations.

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Jewelry Through the Centuries

Certain unique pieces of jewelry, such as bangles and necklaces, have been worn by women for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest piece of jewelry recorded, a necklace, dates back to 142,000 years.

The entropy of Pakistani jewelry exists and resides throughout the country. Deep rooted in the culture of the region, the weight, material, and form of the pieces attempt to understand the sacred.

Although the use of jewelry for expression has remained constant, its designs over the centuries have not. Each era dawned a new jewelry design. As metalworking techniques became more sophisticated, so did the jewelry designs.

Furthermore, how you acquired jewelry has also undergone an evolution. For instance, today people can shop at online jewelry stores for their favorite pieces. This is a feat that could not have been imagined three decades ago.


Evolution of Earrings 

Earrings have always been one of the most symbolic pieces of jewelry. Interestingly, earrings were once a predominantly male fashion choice. However, earring designs have evolved over the years and are dominantly worn by women now.

Ladies’ jewelry in general helps to compliment the face and accentuate outfit choices. Earrings for women were in and out of fashion between the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

Today, the widespread popularity of ear piercings among women has created a great market for earrings, which contributes to the comparative variety in design as well.

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Rings – Ancient to Modern

Rings are one of the oldest recorded pieces of jewelry, dating back to the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. However, the designs have definitely varied over the centuries. In ancient times, rings were also worn to denote social class or wealth.

Although that’s not the case in today’s era, this piece of jewelry is definitely still fashionable.  Nowadays, ladies' rings are mostly only worn as a fashionable accessory or as a gift with a meaning.


Symbolic Bracelets

Beautiful bracelets and bangles have a long history in the sub-continent. In the culture of this part of the world, they signified good fortune, prosperity, and a wife’s love for her husband.

However, what is clear is that ladies bracelets are timeless and are always in fashion. They’re often worn with formal outfits at weddings and other formal events. However, they can very easily be worn with casual outfits as well, hence making them a very flexible piece of jewelry.

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The emotional Value Attached To Jewelry

Jewelry can symbolize an important part of someone’s life, especially if it is given as a gift for some occasion. For the majority of people, the emotional value holds more importance than monetary value. For instance, an engagement ring can have a more emotional value to an individual compared to an ordinary ring. Also, the emotional value linked to a jewelry piece further increases when it is passed onto future generations.

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Stylo’s Role in History

Stylo is the largest fashion house in Pakistan and boasts a wide product portfolio. However, footwear is not the only aspect that the brand excels at. For instance, Stylo’s coveted woman’s jewelry collection helps the wearer stand out from the crowd.

The jewelry is crafted with love, care, and dedication to providing the brand’s esteemed customer base with nothing but the best quality.

Stylo understands the importance of jewelry in our culture. This is one of the reasons why so much effort is put into providing the best quality jewelry for ladies. Jewelry is also a form of artistic expression. The way an individual wears their jewelry, or the pieces they prefer to wear is an act of expression.