Finding the perfect summer footwear for yourself is not as easy as it sounds. For the warm summer months, the ideal footwear is something that is stylish yet comfortable and doesn’t rub against your feet. Khussa shoes are one such footwear. Along with being trendy and comfortable, khussas can be paired with both casual and formal attires. Let’s have a look at the history of khussa shoes and how they’ve been a game changer in the desi fashion world.


History of Khussa

A timeless piece of Pakistan’s tradition and heritage, Khussa shoes are a type of leather footwear that has been around for hundreds of years. First designed in the pre-mughali times - coming all the way from China, there have been many changes in the original design of khussa shoes over the years. Though khussa shoes originally started as a footwear choice for the common man, it was soon taken up by the royalty. The son of Akbar, Jehangir soon transformed khussas into a royal footwear by introducing embellished versions of it. As his shoe of choice, khussas gained a lot of popularity and soon new designs were introduced, made with silver, gold, stones, gems, embroidery and other eye-catching embroidery.

The association of this footwear with royalty boosted the significance of khussa shoes in the Middle East. Craftsmen from Punjab, Multan Chakwal and Bahawalpur (both India and Pakistan) gathered to create new, breathtaking designs of the khussas.

Ladies Khussa


Reasons to Love Khussa Shoes

There are many reasons to love wearing khussa shoes. Some of them include:


One of the best features of ladies khussa shoes is the versatility they offer. Unlike most footwear styles that can be pretty difficult to pair, khussa shoes can be paired with the outfits of your choice effortlessly. Though khussas are usually worn with salwar kameez, there is no strict rule that defines khussas paired with jeans as a fashion crime. Infact, you can pull off a pretty trendy look with khussa shoes paired with kurti and jeans.

Ladies khussa



Khussas shoes offer comfort unlike any other traditional footwear. Khussa shoes are made from high-quality leather, which not only promises durability but also allow the upper of the shoes to mold themselves to the shape of your feet for maximum comfort. Moreover, khussas become more comfortable the more you wear them.

Pro tip: To break into your shoes, wet your feet slightly and walk around in your house with your new shoes on. This will help you break into your brand new khussa shoes quickly so you can have a comfortable experience when you wear them outdoors.



If style is your top priority while shopping for shoes, then you’d be glad to know that women’s khussas don’t disappoint in this department either. Available in a variety of colors, designs and materials, there’s certainly a pair of khussa shoes out there that would fit your style. Moreover, you can find both embellished and basic khussa designs. Basic khussas can be paired with everyday outfits, whereas embellished khussas add a stylish touch to festive attires.

Ladies khussa 



Sweaty feet are the last thing you’d want in this summer heat. Tightly fit shoes usually cause your feet to sweat, making your shoes feel slippery which can cause them to rub together and blister. Khussa shoes made from high-quality materials are designed in such a way to mold to the shape of your feet without compromising on breathability.  This allows the khussas shoes to stay in place without making your feet sweat and blister.


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