Want to escape this blazing hot weather and enjoy a fun trip? Now is the best time to explore the beauty of Pakistan. We all get excited and wait for the vacation right after the arrival of summer. You need to consider several things when packing for summertime vacation, and one of those is choosing the right shoes & accessories to bring along. A fun vacation is incomplete without a nice pair of shoes and a bag that you can flaunt with your attire. Always remember to check the weather of your destination and then pick the footwear accordingly. If you are confused about what to bring along on the trip, then don’t worry. 

We are here to guide you with the diverse range of footwear & accessory options that you can consider for your trip. Vacation time consists of a lot of fun moments and different activities. So, you need different things for that. 


Athletic Shoes  

Stylo athletic shoes are ideal for physical activities during the trip, like camping and hiking ventures. It’s time to say goodbye to uncomfortable trips and hello to easy fit with Stylo. You can manage to look stunning and experience comfort in every step.

Find the perfect balance of style and comfort in the wide range of running shoes, including sneakers shoes and joggers. Stylo sneakers are made with synthetic fabric and have a rubber sole that makes them super comfy. Stylo athletic shoes come in multiple sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and styles that offer breathability, longevity, & durability. Sweating won’t irritate you when Stylo athletic shoes are your choice. 

ladies sneakers


Casual Shoes 

Casual shoes like ladies softys, chappals,  slippers, and sandals can be worn when you are heading out to grab something from the shopping mall or going on a lunch with friends or family. If you are visiting a restaurant, pick a chic sandal and make most of your moments. When you come back home after a fun plus tiring day, you would want your feet to relax. Slippers and softys are perfect shoes that make you experience this comfort level. They don’t let you compromise on your looks during the trip.  


Statement Jewelry 

Make a fashion statement while enjoying your vacation with the statement ladies jewelry available at Stylo. What’s better than a classy look on your trip that allows you to leave an impression. Stand out from the crowd and enjoy your moments to the fullest. Pair your outfit with premium jewelry crafted with love.

The little details and embellishments like kundan work, beads, pearls, and stone make Stylo’s jewelry the choice of every fashion enthusiast. 

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Spacious Bags  

Sudden trips with friends or family are no longer a problem when you have Stylo by your side. Hit the road with a bag that is a perfect travel companion. Backpacks and shoulder bags are perfect for carrying travel essentials and making your vacation fun and fulfilling. If you are planning a short trip, check out some of the chic ladies bags options available at Stylo. Wherever the road takes you, Stylo bags stay with you. Smart in design and use, Stylo bags let you make the most of your fun moments during the journey. 


Refreshing Fragrances

Treat yourself on your trip with a diverse range of versatile ladies perfumes. Good fragrances can change your mood, and you instantly start feeling delightful. It is a fact that when you smell good, you get a feeling of pleasure.

It’s a great idea to wear perfume when you are on a trip. Vacation should be full of all good things, and perfume is one of those good things that can make you happy. Feel fresh and pleasant all day long on your vacay with irresistible and long-lasting aromas that take you to another level of fulfillment. From floral to oriental, find a wide range of pleasing fragrances at Stylo that are a must-have.

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Make the Best Vacay Diaries with Stylo 

Vacation is all about having fun, and what’s more fun than enjoying your vacation and looking stunning at the same time. Don’t think too hard about choosing shoes & accessories when it comes to travel ventures. Explore some cool shoes, bags, jewelry, and fragrances from Stylo Pakistan and head towards a new journey of fun-filled moments. 

You would get overwhelmed with the wide range that Stylo Pakistan offers. Make the best memories and capture the best moments of your vacation by owning the best shoes and accessories. Stylo is your all-in-one style partner that caters to your fashion needs by providing everything you need to steal the show and be a fashion diva. You don’t need to go to different places to get all these things for your vacation. All you need is to visit the nearest Stylo store or place an online order to get everything ready for your trip checklist.