There are various important elements that are known to be the vital component of styling and fashion, but there are fewer which not only enhance the style sense and look but also directly affect your health in one way or another.

Among those, ladies shoes stand at the top of the element list. Because you can be slaying from head to toe in your best possible look but down there at your feet if something is really off, be it type, design, color or wrong size of the footwear or poor material they are made of. You won’t look comfortable that put off your presence.

So here are some characteristics we shall be guiding you to keep in mind to choose the best shoes for yourself.

Characteristics of Good Shoes

There are various characteristics that define a good shoe and price of course doesn’t count in it. An affordable, less expensive shoe can be way more suitable than the expensive odd one. Some things to look for in a pair of shoes include:


After all the technical aspects, the most important thing is the style & look of the shoe. It depends on your preference and fashion sense that what do you prefer to carry with your look and in which category of footwear.

For your daily drills you might not be a fan of formals but you rather prefer slip on or sneaker shoes. Same goes for festivals and events.

So when we talk about style we recommend you to know your style statement first. Know what suits your aura best and in which kind of footwear you feel comfortable. Most people try to follow the trend and end up getting themselves hurt with poor choices or becoming a funny subject for others because of their poor fashion sense.

So whenever you want to pick a shoe for you, do consider your persona, comfort and style sense.

sneaker shoes


The most important characteristic of a good shoe is that it should be adjustable according to your feet type. It expands and adapts as per your walking style. And provides you external changeable options too to make yourself easy, such as straps or laces or Velcro so that you can use them accordingly.

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Enough roomy

There should be sufficient room in the shoe both ( width & depth) wise, at the front of your shoe for your toes so that they can spread and make a room for themselves.

Comfortable sole

Talking about soles, we mean both; insoles and outsoles.

As far as outsoles are concerned do check on them if they are hard enough to prevent you from any external damage which might come under your feet. Are they made up of good quality material? So that nothing sharp can cut them easily, also they don't get damaged by water or any moist space easily.

With insoles, you need to make sure that there is no poor quality leather or material that can infect your feet or give bruises on your feet. Make sure the material doesn’t leave a smell when rubbed against socks. The insole should feel like a smooth lap of comfort where you can rest your feet for all day.

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Your shoe can make a significant impact on the way you walk or gait.  The movement of your feet during each step affects how the rest of your body follows. Remember, the right shoe can help prevent, reduce or eliminate foot pain. A lack of pain  has a huge impact on how well and easily moves. So, find the right shoe with the right heel.


Above mentioned characteristics are one of the important and major considerations when It comes to picking up the right shoes. But there are more different scenarios to consider before choosing the right pair of shoes but it varies from person to person according to their preference and choice and body type of course. 

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