Your bags and wallets are much more than just an accessory. If you carry it the right way, it can become your style statement. But just like clothes and shoes, bag trends change with the season. Where winter is all about dark colors and plain designs, summer is an entire mood shift. Check our Stylo’s up-to-the-minute summer handbag collection to get a clear idea of seasonal bag trends.

Tips to Style Your Handbags for the Summer

Here are a few handy tips to carry your style statement with you this summer.

Choose Bright Color Bags

The entire season of summer is a bright vibe. That’s why to keep up with it you need to be brighter. Most people are conscious about the colors when it comes to dresses and shoes but overlook their bags. It ends up ruining the entire look. Don’t repeat the same mistake and make sure your bag closet is full of bright colors for the summer.

The most preferable options that can go with multiple looks are yellow, blue, green, and brown. Stylo has a wide range of bag collections available in all colors and many styles. So if you need a new bag for the summer go and grab it now.

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Floral Designs Are Ideal for Summer

When it comes to ladies handbags, going plain might go with some looks but not all. Try floral designs and patterns this summer and see how they add to your overall personality. If you prefer simpler bags go for subtle but impactful designs. Anything that resonates with you will be perfect to enhance your unique style.

Stylo’s bags come in different designs and sizes. You can find many options that match your preference. Check it now at the website and get your dream bag.

Prefer Long Shoulder Strap

The best way to go high on style games without compromising comfort is by preferring long shoulder strap bags in summer. They are easy to carry and come in various styles. Above all, the weight is evenly distributed across your body so it prevents back/muscle pain. They are ideal for working women and university-going students as they have a hectic routine.

Handbags are preferable for get-togethers and outings. You can also go smart and get a bag that can be used as both. At Stylo, you can easily find a long shoulder strap bag that can be a handbag if we remove the strap.  

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Beware of Style Killers

When it comes to bags there are some major style killers that you must avoid. Always carry an appropriate bag according to the occasion and look. You cannot carry an oversized clutch to the office on a casual day. Another common mistake that people make is carrying a large size handbag. It’s an instant style killer. Instead, go for a tote bag or ladies backpack, they are practical, stylish, and comfortable.

Oversized Clutches Are a Go-To

Clutches are a must when it comes to formal dressing. But it is hard to keep all your stuff in small clutches. Because of that some people end up carrying a handbag and clutches together. It not only ruins their entire look but also causes a great deal of inconvenience. The best solution for it is oversized Clutches!  

Check our Stylo’s clutches collection and get set for all the events this summer.

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Get Your Style Statement with Stylo

This summer slay every look by carrying a perfect bag. If you have not gotten a new bag for the summer it’s still not too late. Visit Stylo and get your unique style statement. Stylo got it all from handbags to clutches and wallets. It’s time to carry your style like you mean it!