Wedding is perhaps the most memorable day of any woman’s life. There are a lot of preparations and special arrangements that need to be done beforehand to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day. As far as wedding accessories are concerned, bridal shoes are the top priority of every bride. For most brides, it is the ultimate fashion quest, especially because comfort matters just as much as style.

Regardless of your priorities, at the end of the day, your wedding shoes have a major role to fulfill.  So, how exactly do you find out what kind of bridal shoes are the best for you? We’ve compiled a few useful tips that would help you in choosing the most suitable bridal heels for yourself.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Bridal Shoes for Your Wedding Day

Check out these tips to pick the best bridal shoes for yourself:

Define Your Bridal Style

To ensure the consistency of your bridal look, it’s important to have a good idea about your overall bridal style. Consider which type of shoe would match the proportions of your gown and your build. If you want the shoes to match perfectly with the dress, it’s a good idea to take your gown or a swatch of the fabric with you when you go shopping for your bridal shoes.

Get the Dress First

Even if you think you’ve found the bridal shoes of your dreams, you might want to put a hold on purchasing them till you’ve got a bridal dress to match them with. It’s important that your wedding footwear compliments your bridal dress in every way - including the color, style, and embellishments. This is especially important if your wedding footwear is going to be showing through the dress. Whereas, if your dress is a full-length gown, they might not be as visible.


Consider the Venue

The venue is one of the most important factors to consider for choosing the ideal bridal footwear for your wedding. The wedding venue influences how much heel you should go for. The last thing you’d want to do is wear stiletto heels on a grass lawn. Trying to walk gracefully on grass is more difficult than walking in an indoor venue, hence it's better to opt for bridal shoes with short block heels in that case. 

Matching the Color

When it comes to the color and embellishments of the bridal footwear, the options are countless. Ideally, the color of your wedding shoe should complement your bridal gown. Golden, silver, and champagne are safe colors that go along with most bridal gown colors. It's best to match minimalist shoes with heavy and fully embellished gowns. Whereas, if the gown has a minimalist touch to it, then embellished bridal heels would be a great option.

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Don’t Compromise On Comfort

The comfort that the bridal shoes provide is just as important as the style and design of the shoes. Since weddings require the bride to stand on her feet most of the time, it is crucial that the footwear of choice is comfortable and easy to wear. The heel height should be the very first factor to consider. Keep in mind, the higher the heel, the more the pressure on the ball of your foot. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing stiletto heels for long hours, opt for a low-to-medium heel instead as it would allow you to stand and dance comfortably for much longer.

Re-Wearability vs One-Time Special Sentimental Wear

Do you plan to wear your bridal shoes only on your special day or would you like to re-wear them? If you want your footwear to be one-time special sentimental wear, then look for the one that is special enough to be passed down as heirloom. If you’re looking for practicality, then look for bridal footwear that can be re-worn after your wedding day. Shoes such as bridal fancy sandals, flats and wedges can be re-worn several times to different occasions, which makes them a great bargain!

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