How many times have you not worn a color just because someone once passed a mean remark about how it looked on you? How many times have you wished to get that nail color you love but someone had said that it made your hands look dark and you just blindly followed their advice by decapitating your hearty desire? How many times have you compared your features, skin tone, body measurements just because someone put in front of you an ideal to become like? This us who start believing in the false scenarios of comparison that others inculcate in our minds and we let those wrong ideas of perfection get over us.

In this progressive era, it’s time to shun such complexities. With the ideology of Girls Stand Tall, Stylo encourages to embrace your color because you look best when you own yourself, when you be yourself, when you walk your way and when you choose what your heart yearns. This is the message for all the women out there in Stylo’s Summer 2021 Collection with the campaign, ‘Apna Rung Own Karo’

Stylo never stays behind when it comes to building affinity with its customer base and brings into consideration the points to ponder upon for a communication that is built on purpose. Such communication by the brand brings it closer to the audience as it not only talks about a burning issue of the society but also motivates and guides its customers to act in a certain manner; the manner of confidence. 

Stylo’s Summer Collection 2021 consists of numerous jaw-dropping designs that come in plenty of colors which include vibrant, subtle, neutral, sparkling hence a complete palate in all tones and shades is there to shop from. The colors that the brand is offering to grab from are the testimony of how the brand is encouraging the ladies to wear and own whatever they want because whatever we own, suits us and makes us the very definition of ourselves and our style.

The very summery collection has been shown in a beautiful film shot at different locations with an enthralling creative direction that seamlessly blends the message with the product and bringing hues that a Stylo girl wears with a unique attribute. Be it the strength of black or the shine of gold, be it the life in the red or the vastness of the blue, be it the purity of white or the sparkle of silver; each color suits on a Stylo girl and makes her beautiful in her way. Thus, we must say the film does not only reflect the mind-blowing collection that has been brought by the brand but also educates girls to stand tall against the erroneous perceptions of society by celebrating all the colors. 

Moving forward, other than the designs and the colors, Stylo never overlooks the comfort factor in its collection and like every year has ticked the checkbox of making shoes that fit the feet pleasantly with utmost ease and comfort. The collection includes all kinds of shoes be it heels, flats, pumps, slip-ons to wear on any formal event or a casual day, and without an iota of doubt, these will perfectly pair with any look. 

So, girls! Own your color and the colors of life with Stylo this Summer 2021 and slay the world with your confidence!